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Home by Deep Blue Something
Home by Deep Blue Something

Album Released: 1995

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1.Gammer Gerten's Needle3:17
2.Breakfast At Tiffany's4:17
5.A Water Prayer3:20
7.A Song To Make Love To3:08
8.The Kadinsky Prince2:25
10.Red Light4:04
11.I Can Wait3:04
12.Wouldn't Change A Thing3:59


As allmusic.com observe, Deep Blue Something sound rather 'British' ... which is odd, given that they come from Texas.

The 'Britishness' is in the sophisti-pop style on offer here, a sound that North American bands seem unable to duplicate successfully. And whilst Deep Blue Something would be one of the better attempts at US sophisti-pop, they fall short somehow, for whilst the instrumentation and arrangements on Home are in the right ballpark, the production is a little heavy-handed, and both the songwriting and the vocals let things down further.

Still, Deep Blue Something are to date really just a one-hit wonder, best known for their song "Breakfast At Tiffanys", which is included here. A lot of people seem to like "Tiffanys", but it's always grated with me, mainly because it only has two verses, accompanied by what seems like an awful lot of padding - in the form of five repeats of the chorus - which, whilst it's a fairly good chorus, isn't that good.

Like "Tiffanys", most of the material here hovers around the 3½ to 4 star mark, meaning 'nearly good', but also perilously close to filler. But as mentioned earlier. what really lets the material down are the vocals ... Todd Pipes' voice is quite devoid of character, and so his singing comes across as very ordinary-sounding - lacking any real conviction or emotion - quite possibly because it's all he can manage just to stay in tune.

The vocals work best when Pipes is supported by the rest of the band in harmony (which may be why the band chorus in "Tiffanys" plays such a prominent part in that track).

The best track would be the closer to Side One, the 4½ star "Done", which is a stylistic departure from the rest of the album, being an energetic piece of power/pop with punkish undertones, a style of delivery that seems to better suit Pipes's voice. But apart from that, whilst Home sounds kinda 'worthy', it has a few too many shortcomings to rate at anything better than average.

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