The John Lennon Collection by John Lennon

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The John Lennon Collection by John Lennon
The John Lennon Collection by John Lennon

Album Released: 1982

The John Lennon Collection ::: Artwork

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1.Give Peace a Chance4:57
2.Instant Karma3:17
3.Power to the People3:02
4.Whatever Gets You Thru the Night3:23
5.#9 Dream4:38
6.Mind Games4:10
8.Happy Xmas (War Is Over)3:31
10.Jealous Guy4:13
11.Stand By Me3:28
12.(Just Like) Starting Over3:55
14.I'm Losing You4:01
15.Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)4:01
16.Watching the Wheels3:33
17.Dear Yoko2:33


Everything you need from Lennon's solo years, with only one song overlapping with Plastic Ono Band.

Basically it contains all of John's songs from Double Fantasy added on to the now-deleted 1975 singles collection Shaved Fish. I haven't heard the albums that contain "Mind Games" or "#9 Dream", but I can tell you that those are two of Lennon's very best songs, particularly the gorgeous dreamy nonsense of the latter.

The political chants masquerading as songs "Give Peace A Chance" and "Power to the People" frankly annoy me, but are forces of nature and have their uses at rallies and such. Myself, I prefer the disco of "Whatever Gets You Through the Night", and the corrosive guitar stomp "Cold Turkey", a harrowing tale of heroin addiction.

6 stars

by Reviewer: Creative Noise