You Forgot It in People by Broken Social Scene

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You Forgot It in People by Broken Social Scene
You Forgot It in People by Broken Social Scene

Album Released: 2002

You Forgot It in People ::: Artwork

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1.Capture The Flag2:08
2.KC Accidental3:50
3.Stars And Sons5:08
4.Almost Crimes (Radio Kills Remix)4:22
5.Looks Just Like The Sun4:23
6.Pacific Theme5:09
7.Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl 4:35
8.Cause = Time5:30
9.Late Nineties Bedroom Rock For The Missionaries3:46
10.Shampoo Suicide4:05
11.Lover's Spit6:22
12.I'm Still Your Fag4:23
13.Pitter Patter Goes My Heart2:23


Having read a little of the hype surrounding this album, I hopped onboard and got the darn thing. Upon first listen, there were tracks that stood out, and ones that didn't do a whole lot for me. On the second listen, more than just a couple tracks crawled under my skin, and on third listen I was suddenly knocked on my ass by the whole thing.

From there on out, You Forgot It in People has been a little bit better each time I hear it. Leave it to members of Do Make Say Think and a whole batch of other bands to create what is probably one of the best experimental pop records I've heard in a long, long time (if not ever).

That might seem a little on the fawning side, but I've listened to this album at least 20 times over the course of the past couple of months and I've been waiting for it to break down. How that happens is I get so enamored of an album that I play it constantly for a month or so, then it tends to taper off as something new comes along.

To fight that, I've learned to stick albums out for a little longer and see what happens. Sometimes the sheen wears off, but after sitting with this disc for so many listens, it still manages to keep hopping back into my player, shoving aside releases that probably should be my newest and best.

One of the best things about the album is that it doesn't simply work one formula over and over again. There are something like twelve people in the band, and it sounds like they've all brought little flourishes and ideas to the table. Even with all those different influences though, the album flows like a dream.

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by Reviewer: Aaron Coleman (blogging at Almost Cool Music Reviews)