Stone Gon' by Barry White

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Stone Gon' by Barry White
Stone Gon' by Barry White

Album Released: 1973 (Chart)

Stone Gon

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1.Girl It's True, Yes I'll Always Love You8:29
2.Honey Please, Can't Ya See5:05
3.You're My Baby8:58
4.Hard To Believe That I Found You6:49
5.Never Never Gonna Give Ya Up7:59


I promised myself I wouldn’t go nuts reviewing Barry White albums, but it seems I’m already breaking up.

Just what did Barry White think of his audience? Did he really believe they ought to listen to a simple chord progression for 9 minutes? Am I going crazy, or is that a completely CRAP idea?

For the most part, Stone Gon’ is a clone of the previous album. For once again, White writes enough ideas for a 10-minute EP, then drags it out to over 40 minutes. What's more, even with 10 minutes worth of ideas, only about 6 minutes are good ones.

The album opener “Girl It’s True” is a bore from beginning to end. At least his debut album had something marginally exciting and a tad more complex. Furthermore, the arrangement is strictly pedestrian, with White spending almost 3 minutes at the start of the album just mumbling.

I think the album should've opened with “Honey Please, Can’t Ya See”, which is much tighter, more musically advanced and - heck, catchy! And the album closer, “Never Never Gonna Give You Up”, would be nearly fantastic but for an 8-minute running time that's already become tiresome after 5 minutes. Still, the atmosphere there is a little more tense and heightened, with more creative arrangements and melodies than are usual for White.

The album’s mid-section consists of its two most bloated tracks, “You’re My Baby” and “Hard to Believe That I Found You”. The few musical ideas they have were mediocre to begin with, yet White felt the need to stuff them down our throats for a combined 16 minutes. If you can think of a good reason why either of those tracks exist, then my hat’s off to you.

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by Reviewer: Don Ignacio (blogging at Don Ignacio's Album Reviews)
12th August 2017