Midwest Fables by Todd Bogin

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Midwest Fables by Todd Bogin
Midwest Fables by Todd Bogin

Album Released: 2006 (Chart)

Midwest Fables ::: Artwork

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2.Flying On2:37
4.What's So Sad About Being Lonely?3:14
5.I Want To Be An Astronaut2:29
6.Going Back To Chicago4:46
7.The Fall3:02
8.TJ Bogin's 21st Delta Blues Dream2:08
9.Rented Time3:58
10.Write Your Own Dream2:07
11.The Confusion Of Thaddeus J. Snead2:19
13.The Karma Of Abbot Bernard2:25
14.Moving And Growing Old6:04


It seems I am officially an asshole. I tell people to send me their CDs, that I’ll review them and give them a little exposure, and I act all friendly during the email exchanges I have with these budding young artists.

Todd Bogin seems like a very nice guy. He was extremely considerate and polite in his emails about sending one of his CDs to me. And he sent me a lovely package - with notes and pictures and his background and influences and everything - even a handwritten, personalized little thank-you note! Nice guy.

So shouldn’t I be trying to help nice, considerate, struggling young men in their mid-twenties? Isn’t that what I am? Well unfortunately, this album sucks total ass.

Todd Bogin is a young man from Illinois, who abandoned the Midwest after college to move to New York and start a music career (like Sufjan Stevens, except in this case lacking in talent). He writes everything on this album and apparently plays all the guitar, keyboard, and harmonica parts himself, along with the 'Klaymations', consisting of bassist Byrne Klay and drummer Hadley Tassinari, who provide admittedly pretty solid rhythm work underneath Bogin's horrible songs.

Todd describes his music as 'Bob Dylan meets Neil Young meets Harry Nilsson', which basically means you’re dealing with bouncy country/folk/rock with 'personal' lyrics, in this case dealing with the trials and tribulations of a Midwestern boy 'coming to grips with life in the big city'.

Truthfully, the music on this album isn’t all that bad. Not really good either, but decidedly tolerable. The guitars, keyboards, and rhythm section all sound fine and capable, and the production is nice and organic and lets the instruments 'breathe' and everything. So far, so good.

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by Reviewer: BRAD
13th March 2018